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Introducing the First Crowd Sourced Call Blocker for your Home Phone.

Tired of getting bombarded with unwanted spam calls from telemarketers, robocallers and fraudsters to your home or business? Stop the calls once and for all with Call Control Home.

Simply plug Call Control Home into your home phone and those pesky telemarketing and robocalls just stop.

What is Call Control Home?

Call Control Home is a small device that plugs into your home telephone and blocks unwanted telemarketing and robocalls by crowdsourcing spam callers and blocking the bad ones automatically.

Call Control Home is powered by the same technology that's trusted by over 6,000,000 people who've downloaded our mobile app.

Call Control leverages the power of the community to stop spam calls once and for all.

How Call Control Home Works

Call Control works like your spam filter for email inbox, automatically filtering and blocking spam callers, effectively eliminating calls from telemarketers and robocallers.

Call Control is simple to install and can be running in minutes.

What is the Community Blacklist?

The Community Blacklist is the magic behind Call Control Home. It is a massive database with over 5 million phone numbers amassed from tens of millions of user reports and Do Not Call complaints from Federal and State agencies. This proprietary database is only available to Call Control users.

Not just any phone number can make it onto the Community Blacklist. We have over 30 factors that we apply using our algorithm to determine the likelihood a reported number is indeed spam to ensure legitimate numbers are not incorrectly blocked.

We receive thousands of reports about potential spam numbers each and every day. The icing on the cake is that you get to participate by submitting a spam report for any calls that might get through by simply clicking a button on Call Control Home (and it feels really good reporting spam calls).

Call Control Home Features

Call Control is packed full of cool features including:

  • Blocks thousands of spam calls tracked by our Community Blacklist.
  • Automatically updated with new spam callers.
  • Personal Blacklist - Block your ex, debt collectors, ANYONE!
  • Scheduling - Set up specific times when it is ok and not ok for your phone to ring.
  • Blocked Call Handling - Choose whether to disconnect blocked calls or send them to voicemail.
  • Web and App Management - Slick and easy web and app interface makes managing your personal lists and settings a snap.
  • Easy to Install - Easy to install and one device can be used for your entire home or business.

Benefits of Call Control Home

Dinner uninterrupted and nap time restored. Finally.

Peace of Mind. Let's face it, telemarketing calls are annoying and disruptive, with Call Control Home only important calls come through.

Security. Aside from driving you crazy, spam calls can often lead to fraud, scams, identity theft and have all kinds of other nasty side effects. Call Control Home helps prevent annoying and potentially harmful unwanted calls quickly and easily.

Convenience. You can add numbers to your blacklist, report spam calls and update settings from our mobile app or web interface. Of course you can also quickly do this from the device itself.

Call Control Home is the only consumer oriented product that specifically addresses the epidemic of spam call activity and gives you back your phone!

Will ship within 60 days of meeting fund raising goal.

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